Use k8media ̀s intuitive mobile DSP solution to place highly targeted smart ads on thousands of premium mobile apps and websites. Our transparent real-time bidding (RTB) system gives you instant access to mobile traffic from our network of supply partners and iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 app publishers. Watch, measure and optimize the performance of your ad engagement with our ad tracking and data-driven performance control features.

Use our platform for your strategic programmatic ad buying to ensure high quality mobile advertising.Run campaigns across millions of well-known websites&Apps. Sign Up Here


Self-serve Mobile DSP

K8meia DSP is a completely self-serve mobile advertising platform for marketers who need tools that are easy enough to use, but powerful enough to produce real-world results.You will be available to create and edit mobile campaign.

Real-time detailed reporting

View and analyze the performance of your smartphone ads-in real time-on your Bidstalk dashboard. Our transparent reporting tool helps align your mobile campaigns effectively and maximizes re-targeting opportunities.

Advanced targeting and re-targeting

Ensure relevant audience targeting and re-targeting for your mobile ads, access intelligent user profiling and increase ad conversion rate on your mobile campaign. We offer a number of targeting options such as:

Geo-based targeting: You can target an audience specific to a particular geographical area like a country or state, as well as by individual network carriers. Device-specific targeting: We enable you to target your ads to the type of devices used by your audience, the operating systems installed and also based on the device manufacturer. IP addresses for specific users.Device IDs of a user̀s mobile device.

Real-time bidding

Drive your ad revenues with k8media ̀s powerful real-time bidding (RTB) system. Access mobile app publishers globally and get instant data on relevant user impressions and profiles-allowing you to bid smartly and buy premium ad space at a price that you decide.

Channelized through mobile

Use k8media ̀s solution to deliver performance-based mobile advertising on smartphone apps. Our DSP platform is designed to help you maximize your ad engagements purely on the mobile channel.

Massive global inventory access

Get access to the global mobile app inventory that we manage for hundreds of publishers and supply partners. This gives you a much wider reach, ensures much more visibility, and helps you target high-quality users.

Open APIs

Create tailored solutions for your customers using our open APIs. Extend Bidstalk ̀s white-label mobile platform and use our technology to build sophisticated and powerful offerings for your customers and demand partners.

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